About Us

ePioneers is the world’s first climate wallet that unlocks unique experiences of regenerative tourism. We channel the power daily purchasing power of digital nomads, remote workers and travelers to protect and restore the Nature of our planet

We enable Nature Restoration and the Democratization of Climate Investing with a robust system of data-driven and decentralized solutions. We leverage the best of human talent combined with disruptive design. Our founding team has a track record of pioneering new industries as the founders of Latin America’s 1st coding bootcamp - World Tech Makers - and the creation of Latin America’s 1st Digital Nomads Visa

What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

NFTs are an “unmutable” assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other type of property, but have no tangible form. These tokens can be understood as certificates of ownership of virtual or physical assets.

What are carbon credits?

A carbon credit is a generic term for any tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of a different greenhouse gas.

How do we enable carbon offsets?

We connect verified climate portfolio suppliers with
people and organizations interested in offsetting their carbon emissions. Our software automates carbon offsets and helps you
keep track of your team’s goals to reach NetZero.

A robust Climate investing marketplace

We integrate world class standards with innovative technology and incentive design


ePioneers Framework

CO2 accreditation - Climate Risk Modeling




Monitoring System

$LVA: carbon-offset-backed token for each round up, NFT minting or Stack Mining.


Climate Wallet + deFi Assets

Climate Portfolios; NFT assets or token pools

We use

Algorand is an open-source blockchain network that consumes substantially less energy than the majority of its peers. The network is secure, fast, and multifunctional, being capable of hosting decentralized applications (DApps) and a wide array of different digital assets.

Core Team

Our team has experience in Finance, Entrepreneurship, Data Science, Blockchain
Development, Communications, Community Building and Education..

Ilana Milkes


CEO + Designer (MBA), MIT Innovator U35, finance, tech, policy

Juliana Sintura


Led the SeaFlower Expedition in Colombia. Biologist

Juan Palacios


Fullstack developer with experience in Marketing; great at soft skills

Stiven Loaiza


+4 years of experience building decentralized technologies

Carlos Sandoval

VP Eng.

+10 years of work experience in Telefonica. Great soft skills

Juliana Bastidas


Leads all online marketing hacks; studies in business administration

Felipe Ferri

Finance Engineer

Engineer; Strategic operations Cambridge U. Centre for Alternative Finance

Nitin Magima

Climate Risk

Climate Risk Analyst; data scientist, Columbia Climate School

Rohit Singh

Data Science

Data scientist bringing our
models to life; also fullstack developer

Nataly Cubillos

Carbon Credits

Engineer with experience in Nature-Based solutions & carbon removal / accounting projects


We have advisors with extensive experience in finance, climate change, blockchain development, civic engagement and carbon markets. We also belong to worldclass networks of doers like On Deck, CityCoins, Stacks Accelerator, Latitud, Draper Ventures, MIT, Carbon13 (UK).

Joel Burke

Helped launched eResidency in Estonia; Tech for Good advocate

Victoria Zhang

Former Stacks Accelerator team; web3 expert; business development.

Trevor Owens

Stacks Accelerator CityCoins team; web3 business development.

Sebastien Raoux

+15 years of experience in carbon markets; Scientist and inventor.

Lais de Oliveira

Leads Community Building at On Deck. Author of Hacking Communities