Types of Climate Portfolios

We have a varied category of artistic creations such as Flora (NFTs), Fauna (NFTs), Access (routes and reservations), Travel (moments), Community

We offer 5 types of NFTs that we co-create with partners.

NFT of access to rent nature reserves or routes

Community empowerment NFT (funding by time limited to fishermen, biologists, indigenous people, etc.)

NFTs of flora ecosystems

NFT of fauna and ecosystems

NFTs of moments (of travel or mysterious fauna)

Portfolios of Carbon Credits (ESG)

For the sale of ESGs, we have alliances with entities who offer their carbon credits and want to sell them in the outside. Our marketplace allows this traceability, additional to that exchange and modeling of changes in price and production.

Climate Portfolios available to everyone

With each transaction, you can accumulate portfolios according to your risk appetite and CO2 footprint mitigation goal